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If you’ve inherited a house, or if it’s currently in probate, you’ve probably got a lot going on.

First and foremost, you’re probably dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. Your family is probably suffering through the same pain as well.

… when that happens, an inherited property and the issues of probate is often the LAST thing you need want to deal with.

Unfortunately, many estates include inherited houses and now you’re forced to grieve while also trying to deal with the property — perhaps it needs repairs, or there are tenants, or there are outstanding bills, or it’s vacant and in danger of being vandalized. Maybe there are multiple heirs that are complicating the issue even further and you’re not sure what to do about the house.

Do you really want to be dealing with the property at a time like this?

Probably not.

and you shouldn’t have to.

Here’s the good news: you may be able to make your life a little easier and get some breathing room (and stop dealing with that extra property) by selling the inherited house.

Just imagine: you can sell the house (even a house currently in probate) quickly, easily, and hassle-free…

  • You’ll get some “breathing room” to deal with your own life (and grief)
  • You’ll have more time (no more dealing with the burden of the extra house)
  • You won’t have to deal with repairs or outstanding bills or tenants or vandals
  • You can even help to resolve those complicated situations with multiple heirs

We buy inherited houses and houses in probate, and we would love to help you by buying your inherited house or probate house fast.

Keep reading to find out how we can help you…

You guys were able to step in and walk us through the purchase and this whole probate situation. We finally have one less thing to deal with which is what I’m sure aunt Helen would’ve wanted.” -Elizabeth K.

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How To Sell A House In Probate In San Francisco

Owning a house can be complicated. Owning a SECOND house, such as an inherited house or (even one still in probate) can be even more complicated.

The good news is — we are the premier real estate solutions company serving San Francisco and the surrounding area and we buy inherited houses — no inheritance or probate real estate problem is too simplistic or complex for us, and we have 30+ years of combined experience to help you.

Here’s some information to help you, collected from our 30+ years of experience… (note: this isn’t legal advice; make sure you consult with an attorney if you are looking for legal advice)…

You do NOT need to go through the complicated court process to sell your house in probate. You may be able to sell the probate house under the Independent Administrations Of Estate Act. The proceeds will be transferred to the estate’s assets until final distribution.

And you can sell quickly, even in as little as 7-10 days (or at a later date of your choice) — depending on the type of filing and whether or not the person handling the estate has “full authority” to sell. (Tell us about the property in the form below and we’ll help you to figure this out).

This is an excellent way to deal with a situation where there are multiple heirs trying to figure out how to deal with one house, or if the house is turning out to be a lot of work and expense and burden on you.

We buy inherited houses quickly in any condition, and there are no fees or commissions, plus we pay all the closing costs. So you can put this inherited house burden behind you and get on with the grieving process.

We Are Ready To Buy Your Probate Or Inherited House Right Away

We specialize in helping San Francisco sellers who are suffering the loss of a loved one and are now trying to deal with the extra burden of real estate.

We understand that it’s taking a toll on you and you just want to be rid of it… while at the same time, ensuring that you are working with a trusted company that will keep things simple and that will honor the memory of the deceased.

As San Francisco‘s premier inherited house and probate house buying firm, we will work with you, on your timeline, and in full recognition and respect of the difficult and emotional situation you’re facing, as well as the potential complexity of many heirs.

Simply fill out the form below and tell us about the property and let us do all the “heavy lifting” to figure out how we can buy the property from you. We’ll buy it in any condition and we’ll work quickly and respectfully to help you resolve this extra burden.

Fill out the Property Information Form or call us now at (510) 600-3247.

We are here to help you resolve this burden respectfully in this difficult time.

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